Advancing Democracy through Impactful Projects

Hepatica is a Swedish non-profit foundation that advances democratic values, works to strengthen democratic structures, and provides resources to democratic stakeholders sharing our commitment to democratic engagement

About us

Hepatica Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting democratic organizations, values, and structures in a world that constantly faces challenges and change. With our mission for democracy, human rights, and societal development, we are committed to making a meaningful impact on local and global democratic development and contributing to a better future.

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Hepatica FoundationĀ“s diverse project portfolio embodies our commitment to democracy, humanitarian aid, and social empowerment. From democracybuilding initiatives to humanitarian relief efforts, each project reflects our unwavering dedication to creating a positive and lasting impact on communities worldwide.

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Our partners

Hepatica Foundation actively seeks collaboration with local and international partners, civil society organizations, and stakeholders who share our commitment to democracy. Hepatica works with political parties, civil society organizations, NGOs and democratic stakeholders on a global scale. Together, we can amplify our impact on global democratic development and collaborate on projects to further local democratic engagement.



We work closely with local and international partner organizations to promote democratic engagement, governance and processes globally.



We collaborate with local, regional, and international political and civil society organizations on a global scale to provide democracy-strengthening resources to democratic movements, organizations, political parties and stakeholders.



We empower civil society and political actors with democracy-focused educational resources and programs, ranging from political trainings, academies, conferences, advisory and support to democratic movements.



We work to support, educate, and reinforce positive democratic policy on a global scale that can help promote the spread of democracy, freedom, human rights, and justice.


Knowledge sharing

Our global network of advocates for democracy allows us to provide expert knowledge in local, regional, and international political environments that facilitates cross-border democratic cooperation, exchange initiatives and impactful collaboration.

Media room

Explore the latest news, press releases, and multimedia resources in Hepatica Foundation's Media Room. Get a closer look at our impactful initiatives, collaborations, and achievements.

Stay informed and engaged with our mission through our Media Room.

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Our values

Hepatica Foundation is underpinned by a set of fundamental values that exemplify our commitment and approach. We ardently advocate for the principles of liberty, egalitarianism, and self-governance, serving as the vanguard for these essential democratic tenets.